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Mission & Strategy

With most Chinese banks now willing to give more support to infrastructure projects in Mainland China and overseas and with the return on equity (ROE) of property development now shrinking, investment in infrastructure is becoming more attractive including that of toll roads. We therefore have high hopes for toll roads in Indonesia and in South East Asia in general and will keep on exploring opportunities for toll roads or similar infrastructure projects there. We are aware of the potential risk of investment in foreign countries and will approach these very prudently due to political risks, foreign exchange, undesirable governments' interventions, interruptions and malpractices, etc.

Although our current two toll roads in Indonesia are at present unprofitable, in the long term we believe their potential to be good and I am pleased to report that we have just signed up conditional sales and purchase agreements to acquire the third toll road in Indonesia, situated in Sumatra. We shall continue to look for new toll road opportunities in areas other than Mainland China as we expect that traffic growth in South East Asia Region will be very fast during the coming 5 to 10 years, similar to that in Mainland China in the period from 1990 to 2010.

Planning for the long term, we are going to set up an office in Indonesia and senior management has reported duty in early 2021. We are confident that in the long term our Indonesia investments will provide good returns to Road King.


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